Cat Planet Cuties Review, Episode 1: The Cat Who Fell to Earth

A catgirl from outer space  Your average high schooler, and a bevy of girls who serve purpose actually outside the fan service of this show. In fact most, if not all, of the major female humans introduced in the first work for some secret organization that, while they don’t deal specifically in aliens, all have interest when one comes to Earth. Not that anyone wouldn’t be, but it what is a shocking coincidence is that most of them have a connection to the male lead. Weird, huh?

So that’s the basic sum-up of the plot. This show does have a plot, and when it focuses on that, it’s competent if a fairly generic story. I’ve seen things like this before. And like in other shows like it, rather than sticking with the plot and adding something to give this show something special to separate it from other shows like it out there, it gives us T ‘N’ A .

Mercifully not this. And why did I phrase it like that anyway?

Yeah, and a lot of the ass service comes from the alien cat-being. Two of the other female characters are in high school (grade unspecified), and one of them is only a source of fan service during the ending credits.

Now, my main problem with the show is the fan service. But even with that, the girls of the shows are all pretty intelligent and badass. I guess they wanted to boost the show past exploiting the female by making them smart and competent.  But that doesn’t make the exploitation any less gratuitous.

Another issue is, despite the TV-MA rating, there is no blood to be seen. A guy gets impaled, and a title card blocks the violence. People are shot and fall down, but no blood is in them. Maybe they were all drained by a Strigoi. Or they were all Strigoi. Who knows? But anyway, the lack of blood maybe because they don’t want to scare the pervs off, but still want this show to have more than a certain type of action.

Now on to the characters. The male leads name is Kio, and his uncle is Tom Selleck.


Kio himself is a pretty average teenager. He is  a nerd or otaku, but that’s barely touched upon.  What is touched upon is the fact that he is modest and sort of gentlemanly towards girls, but he has a porn stash. Like I said, the typical teenage boy. Nothing to make me hate him, but nothing to make him that likeable either. A decent but forgettable character all in all. (Fun Fact: He is such a light weight, he passes out from a single sip of beer.)

He has a friend who lives across the street from him names Manami, a well-endowed girl who is either a bounty hunter or working with the police. She has a ton of weapons and ammunitions. She receives a little fan service, though mostly when mocking Kio for staggering with (what she assumes is) a catgirl cosplayer. But as we find out later, she intends to catch the alien and stuff. It’s not really made clear yet. (Though a quick Google search reveals she wishes to join the CIA.)

They have a teacher who is secretly head of the “Beautiful Contact Department” of Japan, who believe aliens should not look human at all, even after meeting an alien that practically looks human outside of the cat ears and tail. She does not receive any fan service, even though she is an adult. Not that this show NEEDS any more fan service. She’s an okay character. Also, her Windows knockoff operating system can run HAL 9000.


And the last human female introduce, Aoi, who is a special agent of the Immigration Bureau of Japan, which apparently is one of the most badass organizations of all time. She can just make guns appear out of nowhere with magic or technology or something. She has a crush on Kio. Seems pretty cool.

Now we get to the catgirl from space, Eris. She really the main provider of fan service, which might be more effective if she didn’t get so much attention in that department. In her non-exploitive moments, she seems pretty intelligent, and doesn’t ask too many question about Earth outside of what the food is called and what the recipe is. All I really have to say on that.

The animation is nothing special. The dub work is very fake sounding, and it’s easy to see the actors standing in booths rather than actually feel the lines are be spoken by characters. And this confuses me, as two characters I didn’t mention are voiced by Chuck Huber and Sonny Strait, two good VAs.  The story, as I stated before, is okay, but doesn’t really stand out.

So, final thoughts: An okay anime with too much fan service. The show is so vanilla and plain, despite the badassery of the girls, and the show is not worth checking out if you do not care for fan service. I see the work gone into this, and nothing outside of the fan service worth bashing repeatedly, but it’s really bland and generic, so not worth watching.