Glitchy Black Creepypasta (Unknown Author)

So, as I have always been a fan of Pokemon, when Black came out I immediately went to my local Gamestop.


Sold out. So I went on eBay to find a used one, hard to find but I got it. This was apparently a ripoff copy, so it barely worked but it was somewhat playable. Until the next week. My level 35 Lillypup, (I don’t evolve that much) started to say “When will you pay attention to me, Zach?” Then this freaked me out. It knew my name. My Pokemon name is ALWAYS Silver. Then I thought maybe thought this was hacked and that this person’s name was Zach. So I let it go. Then then next day, I played it, normal, except I had Unown that spelled ZACH. I went on and thought the same thing. Bad idea. My Pokemon said “Bye Zach!” I looked at my trainer card…

No badges, my signature was gone, everything was gone. I reset and the only profile said “DIEZACH”


The worst decison? Clicking “A”.

I am now gone… Not here, in peace, I still don’t know to this day why I clicked the A button. I should of knew. At least it was quick and painless. I was found a week later in my room, With my DS in my hands, I died from suffocation.