The Hand

James was a caretaker at a cemetery,
and fairly unhappy with his job. He didn’t find his
pay very satisfactory. He often snuck jewelry
off the did and sold or pawned it. He made
a decent amount, enough to move out of
his shack on the cemetery grounds.

But it was still not enough for him. He still
wanted more, enough to quit his job and live
a little wilder and freer than he currently felt.
And one day, it seemed he caught a break
a rich lady would be buried in the cemetery
soon, and rumor had it she had a fake hand
made out of gold.

And indeed it was. It was a glorious sight to
behold. It didn’t function, but it didn’t have to.
All that mattered is how valuable it would be.
He removed the gems from around the wrist
and melted down the gold, and made a mold
to shape it like a bar. He sold it and picked
up a considerable sum.

That night however, James found himself
unable to sleep. The wind was too loud,
and seemed to be calling out for a hand. He
thought this was just him imagination playing
tricks on him, so he just watched some
television. But then the calling got louder.

“Who has my hand? Whoooooo?
Whooooooooooo?” James was startled by
that. And it kept getting louder. “Go away!
I don’t have your hand!” “Whooooo haaaas
myyyyy haaaaand? Whooooo? Whoooooo?”
James grabbed a pistol he kept for protection,
and then noticed a head coming out of the chimney.

“Gees lady! What do you have such big eyes
for?” James asked as soon as he saw her.
“Tooooo loooooook yooooou thrrrooough
and throoooooouuugh!” “Why do you
have such big teeth for?” “Tooooo griiiind
yooooooooooour booooooones!” “And why
is your remaining had made into a blade?”

At this, the lady jumped out of the chimney and
cut of James arm, leaving him to bleed to death.